The purpose of shapewear is to create a smooth, streamlined, and seam-free silhouette under your clothes. Sometimes shapewear can be difficult to put on. Putting on most shapewear does take a bit more effort and oomph than throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but it's not difficult to get it right and the effort is well worth it! In fact, the results are absolutely fascinating, making you fall in love with your silhouette over and over again.

      1. Always step into your shapewear, even slimming tops and camis. If you try to get it over your head and shoulders, you might get stuck. You wouldn't want that!
      2. Do not try and put your shapewear on like a normal piece of clothing. Shapewear is designed to be really tight, so you need to take your time putting it on. You may even need to lie down. But don't worry, this is a normal and healthy process. Good quality shapewear is not going to affect your blood circulation or prevent you from moving freely. In fact, it has to be comfortable!
      3. Leave gusset hooks and fastenings fastened while putting on your shapewear. This will help to get everything in the right place.
      4. Avoid any lotions. Don't try to put on shapewear on damp or freshly moisturized skin. Besides being next to impossible, it will absolutely ruin your shapewear.
  • Be careful with long nails.
      1. If your shapewear has a crotch in it, don't wear your own underwear too. Because of the tight fitting fabric, panties underneath can create panty lines that you may be able to see through your clothes.
      2. Yes, you can wear shapewear while pregnant, but this comes with a few important caveats. It depends on the type of shapewear worn, when you wear it, and for how long. As with anything, moderation is key. Never choose shapewear with boning if you're pregnant!
      3. Go slowly and be patient. You may need to lie down to put the garment on. Once you do have it on, the results will be so worth it!

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    August 16, 2022 — Maria Portman