If you have yet to unlock the magic that is shapewear, prepare to have your world rocked. It's like someone used an iron to smooth out every lump you have. It's like Photoshop for your body. It works so well that most celebrities wear shapewear to the red carpet.
When selecting shapewear for yourself, these tips will help:
1. Stick to your size and always confirm with a size table. Shapewear with boning always runs smaller. Try not to size down, as it may cause bulges and discomfort.
2. Choose moderate compression (Level 1) for smoothing, and firm compression for a total figure transformation. The higher the nylon content, the more a garment will alter your shape. The more spandex it has, the more stretchy the garment is.
3. Bodysuits are meant for all-over-shaping. Most of our bodysuits have built-in chest support, so you can ditch the bra, yet still have the support and comfort you need.
What level of support are you looking for?
For the highest level of compression in our shapewear, we recommend Shapewear Level 3. We have many different silhouette options based on your outfit needs. The lightest shaping starts from Level 1 and the strongest is Level 3. Be sure to check out the full range of silhouette options, ranging from backless and thongs to bodysuits and leggings.
Remember, if you're looking for everyday shapewear, we do not recommend purchasing shapewear with bones, as you may not feel as much freedom of movement as the shapewear without bones. Shapewear with bones is created mostly for very special occasions that don’t last long and don't require a lot of movement, like a going-out type of thing. Whereas shapewear without bones may be worn all day at work or doing errands.
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Level 1: Butter Smooth feels silky to the touch and provides an everyday flawless finish and shaping under your clothes. This would be any backless shapewear, for example.
Level 2: Shape Enchanter feels like a firm hug and provides moderate all-over shaping and a little extra compression to keep you in control. This is a perfect base layer with a boost for targeted compression and all-day comfortable control.
Level 3: Sculpt & Hold feels like a super firm hug and provides a total transformation giving you the most results, the flattest tummy, and maximum compression and slimming. This is also any shapewear that includes bones.
As always if you have any questions just email us at contact@myperfectpeach.shop. 
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September 12, 2022 — Maria Portman